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Hopkins County Abstract’s collection of real estate records, also known as a title plant, spans well over 100 years. The “plant” is arranged geographically from Texas sovereignty to today. Plant resources include handwritten tract books containing indexes of instruments recorded as early as the mid-1800s, copies of abstracts and attorney opinions from the original Morris & Bailey era of ownership, circa 1911, in addition to abstract cards, and more current electronic indexes – all of which create the largest collection of public instruments of record for the properties making up Hopkins County. What does all that mean? It means Hopkins County Abstract has at its fingertips, the greatest ability to provide a clear chain of title to the property you’re seeking.

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Protecting Property Owners

Protecting Hopkins County property owners is our #1 priority!

Effortless Closings

With our team, your closing will be as hassle free as possible.


We thoroughly research titles in an effort to protect all parties involved in the purchase process.

Lender Protection

We work to protect real property owners and lenders against losses and defects in titles.


The Local Land Title Company

When it comes to a real estate purchase – a new home, a new location for your business, an investment property – you’ve worked hard to get there. Taking ownership of a new property should come with a guarantee – a title policy that says it belongs to you.

HCA remains the only locally owned and operated title company in the area. We call Hopkins County home – many of the HCA team were born here. We’re raising our children here. We’re pouring our time, energy, and money into the community we call home. There is no place we’d rather be.

Let the Hopkins County Abstract team help protect you and your investment with the peace of mind a title policy can bring – one policy premium protects you and your heirs for as long as you own the property.

Did you know you can choose the title company used for your transaction?

Choose the title company with land records used to establish a basis for property ownership that are the oldest in the county, indexed to the late 1800s/early 1900s. The advantage of these records is the ability to establish a better chain of title.

Choose the title company with four underwriters and three local attorneys, ensuring Texas Homestead laws are followed in addition to ownership and lien validity and superiority.

Choose the title company with 40+ years’ industry experience.

Choose the title company with the friendliest, most comfortable atmosphere.

HCA can provide the guidance and services needed for any real estate closing. Feel free to stop by – ask questions, grab a cup of coffee. We are here for you. It is our hope that you will choose – Hopkins County Abstract, the Local Land Title Company

Title and Closing Services

Residential, Land & Commercial

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